About Bright Data

Bright Data began with a pioneering mission: To shine a bright light on the internet, making it transparent again for all. Our vision: to benefit society as a whole with a transparent internet, where data is shared by everyone, driving an open competitive market.

We serve companies and individuals that are fully vetted and who share our 3 core values: internet transparency, innovation, and trust. Using our data-driven products, our customers collect mission critical reliable web data that helps level the playing field in their respective industries. This ultimately drives forward a truly-free market.

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Next-gen proprietary technology

With 750+ granted patent claims, Bright Data offers its trusted partners access to unique and unrivaled technology. A key development of ours is an SDK that is installed by application owners who enable users to actively and opt-in voluntarily as peers of their own volition. In return, both parties are fairly compensated making this one of the only collaborative digital networks of its kind.

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Responsible data collection

Being ethical, legally compliant (GDPR and CCPA), and safeguarding our network is a top priority for us. It is for this reason that all of our peers, partners, and customers are thoroughly vetted while our networks are consistently monitored both automated and manual checks in addition to external audits.

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Data leadership

Our global team is driven by leading data specialists providing 24/7 attuned care, support and innovation for our customers. These women and men work hard, each and every day towards a more transparent, unbiased web.

Join us: The culture of getting things done

Our customer-obsessed value-centric culture and our transparent company DNA can be summed up in three words: ‘getting things DONE!’. We believe that real value is created by real actions in the real world, not by the pursuit of perfection. This approach has led us to achieve brighter results for our customers and industry leading achievements.
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But don't be put off by our down-to-business approach, as we believe in:



Which is why we employ in-house chefs to make healthy and delicious meals on the daily.


Which is why we provide our employees with the best equipment available.
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Which is why all our employees are welcome to bring their furry friends to work and have our dog walkers take care of them.
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Which is why we only hire the most talented people in their field from around the world.

Our Journey

We have steadily grown into a full suite data collection provider with 300+ employees. Our proprietary technology is the best in its class and used by Fortune 500 enterprises, and leading corporations the world over.