Case studies

Highly targeted influencer marketing – Post for Rent

With access to the right kind of public social media data, Post for Rent is able to provide its customers with the best service and the right influencers for highly targeted, revenue-generating campaigns. The company is now planning on doubling its influencer database with the help of Bright Data’s platform.

Data-driven automated e-commerce tools – Dataweps

With the use of Bright Data Center IPs, Residential IPs, as well as the Bright Data Unblocker, Dataweps is now able to access large amounts of public online data to drive their automated tools and the company can focus on analysis, advice, and recommendations for their customers.

Global Ad Campaigns and Monitoring

By utilizing Bright Data’s Residential Network in tandem with the Proxy Manager, this Bright Data customer was able to gather more accurate campaign data and ensure their inventories compliance while reducing their proxy spent by 50%.

Managing a global e-commerce platform

With Bright Data’s one-stop-shop solution, this e-commerce conglomerate finally had more than a sufficient amount IPs to conduct their data collection efforts. Utilizing the Waterfall option and the ‘online shopping’ preset within the Proxy Manager, provided more accurate data and a decrease in overall bandwidth.

Tokenized SaaS solutions for businesses

With Bright Data’s simple integration this firm was able to easily incorporate their customers into Bright Data’s interface easily. Now their customers can collect public sensitive data securely without getting blocked or misled. Thanks to Bright Data’s Proxy Network they are now able to offer the most secure and encrypted customer data across the globe.

Retailer Promotion on an International Scale

By using Bright Data’s ISP (Static residential) IPs this company is able to create and manage accounts on any platform regardless of their company or customers’ geolocations. The entire company can easily use Bright Data using the Proxy Browser Extension allowing all members of their team to access their IPs and assist their customers.

Managing Campaigns through a Marketing Engagement Platform

By working with Bright Data’s Residential Network, the Bright Data Proxy Manager and their personal account manager this company was able to save coding time and focus on their own product development. Utilizing rules within the Bright Data Proxy Manager they can now use less bandwidth and save money on proxy expenses while still gathering all data they require.

Data Extraction software to secure facilities

Thanks to Bright Data’s Residential Network, this software company is now able to collect all public people data they require. By utilizing the Proxy Manager, they are saving money in their extraction efforts with a reduction in engineering costs. Now they can provide their client’s information in real-time and ensure the safety of facilities in multiple countries around the world.
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