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We see it as our responsibility to drive positive change in the world, using data collection as a critical tool. We have offered our services and expertise to a growing number of non-government organizations (NGOs), health authorities, and institutions, committed to saving lives, improving community wellbeing, tackling the most pressing environmental challenges, and championing social justice campaigns.

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Fast-tracked, mass-scale online data can assist in resolving a variety of pressing issues, from social injustice to health crises. We look forward to expanding our partnerships and continuing to make a real impact where it matters most.

Or Lenchner, CEO Bright Data

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Sprint COVID-19, a team consisting of several international researchers, aimed to develop a heuristic test that could be carried out on smart devices for early COVID-19 detection. The test relies on Sp02 sensors, (found on many smartphones and smartwatches) that enables self blood oxygen level testing – a possible key first step in identifying the virus early. We were asked to identify which of the possible 8,000 device models were able to deploy this test – in under 24 hours, we found that over 110 smartphone models and 165 smartwatch models and smart bands were able to, which came to 17% of the entire global population. The data collected has now also been used in additional projects helping doctors and researchers with remote diagnosis and treatment.

tenfourWest’s COVID-19 response project uses Bright Data Networks’ data-driven technology to collect geospatial data to identify where the next COVID-19 breakout will occur. The team is then able to locate potentially affected people living within high-transmission areas and contact first-responding teams on the ground so they can help contain the virus in real-time. The research team has already experienced great success in Florida with the hopes of potentially saving lives across all 50 states.

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With the outbreak of COVID19. Israel was left with over a million citizens unemployed. In response, AVODATA was formed, consisting of, JDC Tevet, The Israeli Labor Ministry, and Nova to fight the growing unemployment crisis. Bright Data has been working extensively with the team, using our automated data collection solution to quickly and efficiently collect online data related to job market trends. Armed with these insights, AVODATA provides timely support to aid job-seekers in their search and transition back into work.

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Sexual abuse at the hands of family members is rife in Israel, with one in seven teenagers experiencing its harrowing effects. Bright Data partnered with Elem to address this growing problem. Elem discovered that abused youth often leave digital footprints, yet they were challenged to track them efficiently. They are now developing a machine learning system that can identify abused youth – using Bright Data’s technology, they collect massive amounts of publicly available social media data to feed the system, which detects profiles with similar characteristics. Then, Elem will reach out to the suspected abused individuals to offer help and support.

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Ort Netanya is the first high school in Israel to establish a dedicated data science department. We volunteered our services and expertise to help drive the department forward & create excitement around data amongst students, hosting workshops, seminars, and webinars for the high school. Moving forward, Bright Data also plans to offer a mentorship program for students. Bright Data is committed to educating the future generation about the power of online data, and the importance of collecting it responsibly.

GrocerCheck helps users in their social-distancing efforts at supermarkets & grocery stores. Their website allows users to see how busy a supermarket is by showing the number of people inside at any given time. Using Bright Data’s data collection platform, Grocer Check gathers location data hourly to provide their users with real-time data and weekly crowd averages. Their pilot was launched in Vancouver, Canada, and has now expanded to Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Seattle, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, New York, and even Liverpool.

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This Canadian-based organization provides live information for park-goers based on crowd size at British Columbian parks at any given moment. They also provide users with weekly crowd averages. This real-time location and population density data, collected utilizing Bright Data Networks’ information technology, helps park-goers make informed social distancing decisions, helping them to avoid infectious situations and ultimately preventing the spread of the pandemic.

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