Gather hiring insights with Indeed Datasets

Analyze Indeed jobs datasets to optimize hiring strategies, understand workforce trends, or find growing companies for investment based on new roles companies are adding.

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Indeed Dataset

Data points include Company name, job title, position, description, location, salary, date published, company rating, company link, current URL, and more. Easily filter an Indeed dataset to be as detailed as you need.

Business intelligence

Collect Business Intelligence

Identify key companies, professionals, and employee movement between companies, for more efficient competitive intelligence and analysis. Identify skill sets that are highly available in a given location based on zip code.

Track Hiring Trends

Track hiring patterns over time and forecast a company’s growth and decline, jobs in demand, new titles, shifts in strategy, market expansion, hiring trends per job category, gender, locations, and more.

Hiring Trends
Optimize and Scale

Optimize and Scale Recruitment

Train machine learning algorithms for candidate recommendations based on job descriptions, skills on-demand, and more. Get insights on required experience, track talent, and update databases with Indeed company data.

A variety of datasets tailored to your needs

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Purchase complete datasets

Capture entire sites, including millions of pages and data points, in key industry verticals. Optional to refresh datasets regularly.

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Customize existing datasets

Customize an existing dataset based on location, category, or any other parameter to create the subset you want.

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Request your own dataset

Can’t find the dataset you need? We will create a dataset from any public website, tailored exactly to your requirements.


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Leader in compliance

我们承诺为你提供完全合法合规,参照GDPR 和CCPA行业规定的数据信息。

Various Formats

Datasets in the format of JSON, ndJSON, CSV, or Excel will be delivered to your preferred storage.

Delivery methods include: AWS, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, and more!

Various formats - JSON, CSV, XLSX
Flexible pricing

Flexible Pricing

Send us your requirements and we’ll provide you with a quote for your requested dataset.

  • Prices start from $3,000 for selected datasets
  • Dedicated support and account management
  • Dataset sample is free for existing datasets
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使用者包括:财富500强, 学术机构,中小企业, 非政府组织

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