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  • Etsy抓取工具比较您的价格和库存
  • 确定 Etsy 畅销产品以保持竞争优势
  • 收集 Etsy 数据以观察消费者情绪
  • 优化您的定价、供应链和营销策略

Etsy 抓取工具 Overview

  • 无需基础设施的数据抓取
  • 独家网站解锁技术
  • 实时更新:当 Etsy 更改其站点结构时,亮数据会更新代码
  • 快速扩展——快速可靠地收集尽可能多的公共数据
  • 亮数据完全符合所有相关的数据保护法律要求,包括 《通用数据保护条例》 和 《加州消费者隐私法案》。

Etsy search products

Sample Input
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Sample Output
    "Product name": "Custom Wedding Neon Sign Bridal Party Reception Decor Neon Lighting Wedding Gift",
    "Price": {
        "lowPrice": "170.00",
        "highPrice": "200.00",
        "currency": "$"
    "Description": "The images are samples, not final product. I accept customize sign in this listing. If you want exactly the same sign. Please contact me!  *** Price NOT including import tax for international order *******Please complete below sign detail form and send to me, Content and Size is the must factors for quotation. Only accept 1-2 capital letters, for all capital letters, please contact for quotation.1. Text: The Example2. Size: (Recommend 6-8 letters: 30-35\u0022, 9-12 letters: 35-40\u0022, 12+ letters: 40-45\u0022)3. Font: font #a4. Color:  White5. Backing: Clear text shape (or rectangle shape)6.  Installation: screws, (fishline, chain, hanging from ceiling)7. Deliver Date: Generally need 3 weeks to deliver after order. Rush order need about 10 days cost more $50.(choose express shipping when order)8.Need confirm mock up:  PLEASE  NOTEWhen the order information is complete,1. For normal orders, I will send you the mock up to confirm the content within 48 hours of your order. If you do not reply within 24 hours, in order to ensure that the order is delivered on time, I will assume that you accept the artwork and start production.2. For urgent orders, I will send the artwork to confirm the content within 24 hours of your order. If you do not reply to the message within 24 hours, in order to ensure that the order is delivered on time, I will assume that you confirm the mock up and start production.Once the order is made, no changes will be accepted. Please consider carefully when placing an order. Please check the message in time after placing an order. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.Flex LED neon sign is made of flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside tubes look like vintage glass neon sign. Flex LED neon sign is safe, non-frangible. It\u0027s better choice for text and logo. LED neon sign is recommended for wedding, event, party, makeup, tattoo, bar, coffee, business store \u0026 home decoration etc. It\u0027s hand crafted artist. You could make your dream sign with us.Sign features:1. Brand LED tubes and power adapter with certificate.2. Safe material to use in Baby Room.3. Come with 200cm clear(silver) cord.4. Come with suitable plug and adapter for your country.5. Arrive safe warranty. Come in hard box.6. Very easy installation!7. 1 year warranty. Package include: 1. Finished Neon Sign x 1, 2. Suitable power adapter and plug in, with switch.3. Installation accessories like screws, chains etc.FAQ:1. How long will it take to make the sign.All signs are ordered to made. Generally need 5-7 days to make. It will be delay if too many pending orders. Please tell me if you have estimate deliver date.2. How long for shipping?Default 10-14 days for standard shipping. Upgrade to express shipping( 3-5 days) will cost more 50USD.3.  Do you accept return or cancellation after order?We do NOT accept customize LED neon sign return or refund. Please consider before ordering. Thanks for understanding.4. I have special requirement, can you do that for me?All of our neon signs support customize. Please contact me. :)",
    "Product category": "N\/A",
    "Product availability": "In stock",
    "Discount": true,
    "Images": [
    "Reviews": "275",
    "Rating": 4.96,
    "Seller information": {
        "Brand": "TASHONDACrafts",
        "Logo": "https:\/\/\/isla\/e67dfb\/44042855\/isla_75x75.44042855_o1ff546q.jpg?version=0"
    "Breadcrumbs": [],
    "Additional properties": {
        "variations": [
            "Select a size",
            "25 inches [Sold out]",
            "30 inches ($212.50)",
            "35 inches ($255.00)",
            "40 inches ($297.50)",
            "45 inches ($382.50)",
            "50 inches ($425.00)",
            "55 inches ($510.00)",
            "60 inches ($595.00)",
            "Custom inches [Sold out]"
        "sales": "1742",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/listing\/764278866\/custom-wedding-neon-sign-bridal-party?ga_order=most_relevant\u0026ga_search_type=all\u0026ga_view_type=gallery\u0026ga_search_query=wedding+neon+sign\u0026ref=sc_gallery-1-2\u0026plkey=25c93314944ddfd3f84684ecbaa45ccb31fdcca5%3A764278866\u0026pro=1\u0026frs=1"


  • 获取有关当前流行的礼品和产品的数据
  • 提取竞争对手产品的定价数据,如珠宝和配饰、服装和鞋子、家居和生活、婚礼和派对、玩具和娱乐以及艺术品和收藏品
  • 了解节假日和特殊类别促销的产品
  • 通过发现竞争对手并进行产品匹配来进行更好的市场研究
  • 根据趋势、需求和客户行为的变化发现和开发新产品
  • 按地点汇总私人工匠和艺术家的列表以发现新的市场机会
  • 查找新产品类别和库存变化
  • 实时了解交易和促销活动
  • 通过评论生成对消费者情绪的洞察,并确定产品在买家中的受欢迎程度






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