Hungry for Food Service data?

Extract any data related to the Food Service industry with Bright Data, from changes to online inventories to real-time data on delivery times, & more. Get automated delivery in minutes in the format of your choice to improve your market position and outpace the competition.

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Extracting any food service data

Detailed restaurant & establishment specs

Our automated Data Collectors can extract any food service data from any of the leading food service industry websites without getting blocked, no matter how complex the website. Get uninterrupted flows of data on location, establishment type, popularity, types of cuisine, & more.

Monitor competitors

Monitor your competition and ensure you are always the #1 choice for customers looking to order a meal. Monitor real-time changes on platforms, using automated custom schedules, and stay one step ahead of the curve.

Monitoring competitors real-time
Discovering the best food hotspots

Discover social trends

Track social media to find out which restaurants are food hotspots, and stay ahead of hot new foodie trends hitting the market. Identify new market opportunities and take meaningful decisions to maximize profits based on reliable, real-time data

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Collecting web data yourself is hard. With Data Collector, it’s easy.

Collecting web data requires rapid adjustment to site changes and innovative blocking methods. Data Collector adapts immediately, so data is delivered uninterrupted.

As the size of your data collection increases, infrastructure can fail and new obstacles emerge. Data Collector’s strength is its limitless scalability.

Collecting data yourself requires a huge amount of resources. Data Collector frees up resources, saving
time, effort, and cost.

Data Collector makes real-time collection of public web data a reality. Get data in minutes and customize your collection on a schedule that best fits your needs.

Get the most up-to-date and accurate data by integrating automated deliveries to your preferred storage location – API, Webhook, Google cloud storage, Amazon S3 bucket, Azure cloud, emails, and more.

Integrated delivery of  ready-to-use data
Integrated delivery of  ready-to-use data