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Revolutionize your market research & pricing strategies

  • Conduct instant price comparisons of properties with data collected simultaneously from across real estate platforms
  • Build your own comprehensive database of property listings
  • Be alerted in real-time as new properties are listed by agents and property owners
  • Get insight into a property’s neighborhood with data about its schools, hospitals, facilities, safety, and crime rates, and collect data to understand the most valuable features of homes like size, floor, parking spaces, elevator, etc.
  • Monitor pricing trends and amenities by desired locations, and understand homebuyer expectations in different neighborhoods with localized data

Forecast market trends with real-time industry insights

  • Forecast sales, ROI, and predict future trends with real-time and historical real estate data to analyze market cycles, lowest values, peak prices, and purchase trends with real-time and historical real estate data
  • Analyze negative and positive rental cycles of the market, uncover vacancy rates, and identify properties with the highest rental yields based on location to determine investments
  • Determine what’s going on in the overall market, identify the best investments, and align your goals
  • Customize advertisements and offers that target potential home buyers with region-specific real estate data (prices, safety, average family income)

Optimize your investments with buyer sentiment, government, & REITs data

  • Predict market movements in specific locations with demographics data and public data from government sites like: US Census bureau, home builders associations, municipal city planning, assisted living centers, credit ratings, etc.
  • Uncover customer sentiment by collecting home buyer reviews, rankings from property listing websites, and social media data like real estate group posts, and more
  • Make better investment decisions with data related to REITs
  • Extract detailed information about real estate agents 
and new development trends from social media 
forums, directories, agency profiles, etc.
  • Determine if the information on a realtor’s website is complete with data aggregation from competing realtor websites





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  • 全球24/7支持;
  • 专属客户经理;
  • 每天推出新功能,按需开发;
  • 控制面板实时网络性能展示,完全透明;
  • 为满足个体数据采集需求订制解决方案。

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