Case studies

Data-intensive analytical solutions – Cervello

With the Bright Data Collector, Cervello is now able to get the online data it needs in order to focus on its core business-building intelligent, data-intensive, analytical solutions for its customers in the finance, sales, human resources, marketing, and information technology industries.

Ad verification supercharged – ExoGroup

ExoClick and AdSecure can now easily navigate between all of Bright Data’s Data center, Residential and Mobile Networks with ease. They can offer their customers more options in terms of networks and geolocations as well as reduce proxy expenses by utilizing different priced IPs.

Addressing brand protection from every angle – Red Points

The Unblocker solution allowed Red Points to easily expand its offering to more customers and improve the quality of service to existing customers. It also allowed Red Points to re-allocate its workforce from debugging and unblocking tasks to other activities, saving the company great resources.

The SEO transformation – Reddico

The online data collection capabilities provided by Bright Data have revolutionized Reddico’s approach to providing SEO insights and has changed the landscape – providing brands with greater knowledge when making key decisions.

Data-driven digital shelf analytics – e.fundamentals

With the use of the Bright Data Residential IPs and the Bright Data Unblocker, e.fundamentals are able to gain access to the public online data they need, to then run the online data collected through analytics pipelines and draw critical insights.

Data-driven products for smarter shopping solutions – Shoptagr

By using Bright Data’s Unblocker, Shoptagr is able to take advantage of Bright Data’s stable network, and get access to the public data they need, with barely any downtime. They are also building a crowdsourcing platform to collect all of the items their users are searching for, and give all users access to them.

Market research amplified – PowerDrop

By using the Bright Data Proxy Manager, PowerDrop is able to organize all its proxies in one interface, and use a variety of IP types to swiftly gain access to large amounts of public online data from 11 online marketplaces. It counts on Bright Data’s reliable network, speed, and uptime – critical in its field – to give its customers the best service possible.

Highly targeted influencer marketing – Post for Rent

With access to the right kind of public social media data, Post for Rent is able to provide its customers with the best service and the right influencers for highly targeted, revenue-generating campaigns. The company is now planning on doubling its influencer database with the help of Bright Data’s platform.
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