Proxy API

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Proxy API

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Proxy API
Unlimited bandwidth and concurrent API requests
Target sites from any country in the world
Fresh, fast, and reliable proxies for every request
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The Proxy API with total coverage of every country in the world

Utilize the power of the world’s fastest and most reliable Proxy API to bypass any location restrictions in seconds and anonymously conduct price comparison, product matching, brand protection, market research, lead generation, and more. Never get restricted or misled by other websites because of your location.

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Manage your entire account via API

Select Bright Data’s Proxy API to bypass obstacles to public data on any website with the industry’s highest success rates, uptime, and overall performance. The best way to understand why Bright Data Proxy API is the most popular among developers is to try it.

Proxy API


  • 全球24/7支持;
  • 专属客户经理;
  • 每天推出新功能,按需开发;
  • 控制面板实时网络性能展示,完全透明;
  • 为满足个体数据采集需求订制解决方案。

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