David Wang

David Wang

Senior Data Engineer at Reejig
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Reejig is a leading workforce intelligence platform that enables large scale organizations to find, retain, and skill talent at scale. 

Powered by the world’s first independently audited ethical AI, we create a central nervous system for all talent decisions – ensuring there is zero wasted potential in people, business and society.

We work with some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations, including Woolworths, AWS, KPMG, Allianz, and the NSW Government. 

Our platform marries data from a client’s internal people systems with public web data sets to give organizations 100% visibility over their talent ecosystem. Our independently audited ethical AI creates a full skills taxonomy of their talent population as well as automated talent profiles for current employees, previous  applicants, contingent workers, interns and alumni.

This living, breathing data set becomes a central nervous system for talent – a Workforce Intelligence Platform – that allows companies to hire better and faster, reskill and upskill their employees based on the business objectives, and retain their talent by providing meaningful internal career paths for personal growth.

At its core, Reejig is powered by data. We ingest data from all possible internal and public sources including a client’s ATS, CRM, HRIS, and LMS etc. as well as public professional web data. 

On the public data front, we gather relevant data from publicly available sources such as job boards and other online platforms, focusing on public web data points such as resumes, job descriptions, skills, passions, educational history, work experience, current role, etc.

We collect public web data at scale using Bright Data’s Data Collector as well as its Residential and Datacenter networks. We have a great partnership with Bright Data, their system is stable and reliable, and our account manager is always available and very responsive.

The Data Collector, in particular, is extremely helpful in collecting the relevant public web data we require and saves us time since we don’t have to do any configuration and we can scale up very quickly and easily.

Moving forward, we plan to invest in the partnership with Bright Data and increase our usage as we get more customers and expand.

More testimonials

Edward Nguyen
Senior Data Scientist at Shopee Vietnam
Shopee logo
We use Bright Data's network to collect public web data in order to get ahead of the future developments within the e-commerce space, and help learn more about Shopee's existing markets and its consumer shopping trends. I place a lot of trust in the solution. To me, I see Bright Data as a partner, not a product.
Mattan Benyamini
Mattan Benyamini
Data Analyst Team Lead at Windward
Windward logo
To collect the public web data that feeds our algorithms, we use Bright Data’s Data Collector to automatically pull web data from the different shipping carrier websites. During the brief time we’ve worked together, what we have accomplished has been super productive and conducted with quick execution - formally addressing our needs as a company.
Charmagne Cruz
Charmagne Cruz
Head of Reporting & Analytics, Business Technologies and Pricing at Shopee Philippines Inc.
Shopee logo
From my experience, what has been invaluable is the service that Bright Data provides, as it really tries to understand its customers. Bright Data has helped us work through ideas of how to collect more web data to meet our growing needs, and through conversations with its support and development staff, we have been able to optimize many of our processes.

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